Golf Barrier Driving Range, Crown Point Indiana

Crown Point’s driving range was installed using brand new wood poles 60′ above grade. Barrier netting was attached using our galvanized guy steel and snaps. The particular netting system consists of our polyester material which was custom made for this site, and … Continued

Barrier Netting, Golf Center, Des Plaines IL

Golf Barrier Netting. At the Golf Center at Des Plaines, we designed a slant in the barrier netting installation for the picker to drive under to reach the range safely. Brand new wood poles were used 60′ above grade, and the barrier netting was … Continued

Driving Range Netting, Buffalo NY

Wood poles were installed 50′ above grade using our polyester barrier netting. The barrier netting was installed on the galvainzed cables which were secured by the triple helix anchors for maximum security. The wood poles used were brand new class … Continued

Driving Range Netting, Palmetto Golf, FL

Golf Range Netting installed 50′ above grade wood poles and installed barrier netting. With the surroundings, the wood poles blend with the barrier netting allowing the golfer optimal views of the driving range. Palmeto Golf is located in the Miami area … Continued

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