The experts at Golf Range Netting do more than just sports netting design and construction. We’re also experienced in custom landfill netting, which is a kind of specialty netting system designed to contain windblown litter and debris.

Landfill or debris netting systems are vertical systems commonly found at waste management facilities, waste transfer facilities and recycling plants. There are several factors taken into consideration when designing landfill netting systems, including soil conditions, distance to nearby water sources, prevailing wind direction, operations and traffic within the landfill, distance to nearby properties, the overall size and terrain of the landfill, and the estimated lifespan of the landfill.

As communities grow, landfill netting becomes increasingly important to maintain a quality of life and ensure environmental hazards don’t infiltrate new residential or commercial areas. Landfill operators must follow local, state and federal regulations to protect communities from windblown trash and litter. This often requires fencing as high as 50 feet, which means you’ll need a team with the engineering expertise and experience to do the job right. Our team uses the highest quality netting materials that meet industrial standards and stand the test of time,

The experts at Golf Range Netting can design, engineer, and install custom landfill netting to contain wind-blown debris. We’ve built custom landfill netting solutions across the country, from Michigan to Arizona. Give us a call today at 866-938-4448 for a free consultation. We work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and local permit requirements.

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