Baseball Backstop Installation – North Broward Prep, FL

North Broward Preparatory School is located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Here, we built a custom baseball backstop for their fields to protect the school’s spectators. For this project, Golf Range Netting designed the layout and installed the backstop netting structure which included steel poles … Continued

Backstop Netting System, University of Charleston

The University of Charleston is located in Charleston, West Virginia. While we were working on our project for Coonskin Park, we caught the eye of a someone passing by, who took advantage of us being in the Charleston area, and became a customer right … Continued

Baseball Field Netting, Strawberry Crest High School, FL

Golf Range Netting installs another durable baseball netting system, this time for Strawberry Crest High School in Florida. This baseball netting structure is designed to use minimal poles for aesthetics. Our netting is practically invisible, and compliments the baseball field … Continued

Sports Complex Netting, Barbara Goleman High School Miami

Barbara Goleman High School in Miami, Florida, hosts a Sports Complex that is right next to a 6-lane highway. Golf Range Netting’s crews installed state-of-the-art sports netting system with concrete poles for this structure. These poles are spun concrete and they have a … Continued

Baseball & Softball Netting System, Admiral Farragut, FL

Admiral Farragut Academy is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here, we installed baseball netting for their softball pitch and game. We installed the barrier netting on 60′ wood poles. Our crews completed the job within 3 days, and with accuracy and precision. We used … Continued

Barrier Netting Driving Range, New Smyrna Beach

The barrier netting structure at New Smyrna Beach has been up since 2006. We installed 70′ class 2 wood poles and custom barrier netting. Around 40,000 square feet of our barrier netting was fabricated for this project. The wood poles and barrier … Continued

Baseball Field Netting, Leto High School, Tampa FL

Back in 2010, Golf Range Netting worked at Leto High School. For this particular project we installed 50′ concrete poles , our custom fabricated nylon baseball netting was installed, and we used roughly around 37,000 square feet of it. The concrete poles Golf … Continued

Baseball Netting, Chamberlain HS, Hillsborough FL

Chamberlain High School is located in Hillsborough County, and this site was installed using concrete poles and barrier netting. The concrete poles are spun concrete and they were used because of the wind code, rusting, and maintenance on the site. The … Continued

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