Baseball Barrier Netting, Abacoa Community Park

The Abacoa Community Park is located in Jupiter, Florida. It features basketball courts, tennis courts, and a skate park. The skate park itself boasts racquetball courts, hockey rinks, multi-purpose sports fields, and more. All in all, the Abacoa Community Park is … Continued

Golf Course Netting Installation, Grand Island Club

The Grand Island Club is located in Albany, Georgia. They place great importance on promoting healthy lifestyles and a healthy community for the Lee County area. Aside from a golf course, their club is home to tennis courts, as well as a restaurant and … Continued

Barrier Netting Solution, World of Golf, KY

Barrier Netting Solution, World of Golf, KY World of Golf is located in Florence, Kentucky. Here, we provided their golf range with a high quality barrier netting solution. World of Golf lives up to its name well, as they offer everything golf-related from … Continued

Barrier Netting Cabling Method

Barrier Netting Cabling Method, South Grove Country Club. This site shows you the difference in our workmanship and that of our competitors. Two of the pictures show the cross cabling method, which has been replaced a long time ago with … Continued

Golf Course Barrier Netting, Sahm Park Golf Club, IN

At Sahm Golf Course, Golf Range Netting installed 60′ above grade wood poles with our custom designed polyester barrier netting. We used wood poles for this site because of the surrounding landscape. The wood poles along with the barrier netting blends in … Continued

Barrier Netting & Sport Lighting, Home on The Range, TX

Golf Range Netting Installed 35′-65′ wood poles at Home on The Range in 2008. We installed our barrier netting along with sport liter lighting. Our barrier netting looks very aesthetically appealing, especially when lit by the bright lights of our sport lighting. Home on … Continued

Soccer Perimeter Netting, Bermuda Youth Sports Complex

This sports complex is one of Bermuda’s soccer facilities for the residents. Golf Range Netting installed barrier netting along with provided wood poles. The barrier netting was designed and installed for the hurricane code for Bermuda. We used our perimeter barrier netting instead … Continued

Landfill Debris Netting, Keegan Landfill, Kearny NJ

In 2008, Golf Range Netting installed 100′ wood poles and our custom barrier netting at Keegan Landfill. We used over 98,000 sq ft of barrier netting for this particular project. The wood poles and the barrier netting at Keegan Landfill have been up with no … Continued

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