Driving Range Lighting & Barrier Netting, Straight Line

Straight Line is located in East Cypress Wood Spring Texas. This particular project involved us installing golf barrier netting, supported by wood pole installations, and lighting with a long footcandle for the driving range. For this project, GRN used 100′, 75′, … Continued

Barrier Netting & Sport Lighting, Home on The Range, TX

Golf Range Netting Installed 35′-65′ wood poles at Home on The Range in 2008. We installed our barrier netting along with sport liter lighting. Our barrier netting looks very aesthetically appealing, especially when lit by the bright lights of our sport lighting. Home on … Continued

Tennis Court Lighting & Netting, Champaign, IL

Golf Range Netting installed the steel poles and lighting for this tennis court in Champaign, IL. The lighting in this application was needed for the tennis courts to be used at night with no spillage of the lighting footcandle into … Continued

Enclosed Batting Cage, East Fishkill Golf Center, NY

Golf Range Netting custom designed and engineered this enclosed batting cage back in 2002. We installed three 40′ wood poles, three 50′ wood poles, and three 60′ wood poles. We also installed ten different panels of our custom nylon baseball netting. The … Continued

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